Common Decency
Learning Dynamics
Management Training Series
CINDY and Communicator Award Winner

Shows managers the consequences and legal ramifications of their actions should they fail to treat employees fairly. A humorous intro shows a hotel manager doing everything wrong, offending a host of individuals in the process. Uses realistic dialogue and real-world dilemmas to address the topics of discrimination, harassment, ADA and AIDS.

Sexual Harassment: What You Need to Know
Compliance Training

This self-guided training program, containing case studies, quizzes and interactive exercises, asks the viewer to respond to reported incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Integrity at Work
Learning Dynamics
Management Training Series
CINDY and International Film and Video Festival Award Winner

Brings managers face to face with ethical ramifications of their business decisions. Shot in the “direct address” style, actors speak to the viewer, who plays a key role in each scene. Ethical dilemmas include:

  • pressure to alter numbers in a financial report;
  • choosing between loyalty and profitability;
  • whether to accept gifts from customers or vendors;
  • a conflict between marketing and product safety.

Exceptional Client Service
WIC (Women, Infants and Children/
USDA & CT Department of Health)
Employee Training

Used across the country as part of a federal initiative to improve customer service, this interactive program contains Flash sequences and video scenes dramatizing common service errors as well as more effective alternatives. Topics include dealing with difficult clients and working as a team.

Safe and Sound
Learning Dynamics
Management Training Series

Addresses the timely topic of violence prevention in the workplace, helping managers understand the continuum of behaviors that may lead to violent incidents. Features an enraged customer, a stalker, a volatile employee, a bomb threat, the aftermath of a multiple homicide and a verbally abusive supervisor.

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