New Media
Complete production of DVD, CD-ROM, or intranet-based interactive training and marketing programs and video for the web - from front-end needs analysis through program design, scriptwriting, graphics and interface design, to integration of video and Flash components.

Seasoned writing for all formats: interactive and linear training, promos, industrials and new media. Skilled at dialogue, dramatization, humor. Creative, organized and fast.

Experienced casting of spokespersons, actors and voiceover talent.

Complete remote digital video production packages. News style, film style, multi-camera. Experienced crews. Full lighting/audio support.

Non-linear D1 uncompressed editing. Unlimited video and audio layering and hundreds of real-time FX. Motion control copy stand. Music and sound FX library.

Graphics & Animation
Flash, 2D, and 3D graphics and animation.

High quality, fast turnaround. Foreign standards conversions. Custom design and standard packaging options.

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